Tom Kineshanko

An entrepreneur since age 14, Tom likes to attempt “firsts.” He relishes the hard thinking and executing that it takes to get ambitious projects into orbit. Some of Tom’s firsts include building the first ‘roof auction’ for solar that auctioned $50M worth of roofs, building & profitably exiting the first blockchain investment co in Canada in 2013, founding the first licensed asset management company for blockchain in Canada, and building the first (legal) tokenized hedge fund, raising 9M in 90 days.

He invested in Ethereum at seed (.25 cents), 2/5 of the top 5 crypto assets by market cap at <5% of their price today, and has seed funded 21 other startups.

Tom’s main shtick is trying to save planet earth. Ask him why he thinks the decentralized web is the most powerful tool we have to do that

Marc Baumgartner

Marc is a thoughtful builder of interfaces and user experiences. He’s been building hard to build things for 25 years. As an architect, Marc built complex buildings such as the Whistler Olympic village. Marc moved online and has designed/launched over 40 web products and was head of product from founding to >25M exit at Marc has been building web 3 products for 4 years.

The number of times Marc asks “what problem are we solving for who” will annoy you, and you will love him for it post launch.

Chris Hunter

Venture Partner

Chris is a long time founder and start-up investor. He’s held diverse roles including running a $100M climate fund, founding and exiting a solar startup, developing solar farms from scratch, and investing in many web 3 startups and crypto currencies including Securitize and the first tokenized hedge fund, Protos. Today Chris is a founder and CEO of Orbit portfolio company Trophy, one of the most exciting startups tokenizing real estate.

Graham Dobson
Senior interface designer

Chances are good you’ve used an interface Graham has designed. Graham is a senior interface designer who’s built interfaces and designed brands for institutions like the Smithsonian to fast growing startups like Graham will find the latest most interesting web 3 project before you will. This pains us all.

Beire Cai

Beier operates a software development firm which has partnered with Orbit. Beier is a Founding Partner at B&G Studio, a full-stack software development firm and venture studio focused on FinTech and Blockchain. Previously Co-founder & CTO at FirstCoin Capital, a fintech startup in Blockchain / Crypto space, acquired by Galaxy Digital in 2018. Prior to B&G, Beier was a founding employee and senior director of engineering at Hootsuite. He built out Hootsuite’s product & technology platform, as well as engineering teams from the ground up.


When helping you decide what to build and designing your product and go to market, we ask the advice of our investors and advisors.

In the past 10 years, they’ve:

• Founded web 2 and web 3 startups worth >2B
 Raised >400M
 Invested in >150 web 2 and web 3 startups
 Employed >2000 people

Here are a few of our 15 awesome investors:

Ryan Holmes

Founder/CEO at Hootsuite

Mike Edwards

Seed investor in >40 startups, founder of Argo – the first blockchain company to list on the London Stock Exchange raising >$30M.

Hamed Shahbazi

Sold Tio to PayPal for >$300M, seed funded probable unicorn Broadband TV

Blockchain Capital

One of the first and one of the finest venture funds in web 3